Living two lifes in one lifetime is an enormous challenge and an assault to your health and energy reserve. My daytime existence is hard emotionally and having to start the day with the wounds of the night still visible and energylevels just around the point of alert, the racing hours are conflicting my crawling spirit.

Nighttime is when the other existence is reviving again. Fighting for survival of both day and night. Emotionally depleted and using borrowed energy, this life is causing accelerated ageing. Loads of artificial strength and happiness are slowly destroying the body as a silent and patient killer.

Still, I love my life and every step that I take, I take with full devotion and faith. The anxiety to struggle for survival has grown into yet another mean of refilling the spirit and drive.

Life is hard, unfair and heartless. I shall stay strong and stand up straight with every last drop of strenght I can scrape from the bottom of my tank, and face up to the world.

I am the Boss of my life, I make decisions from the deepest of my soul and I know…I belief…with full confidence…I am heading for personal successes.


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