Sex work redefined

Terms like prostitution, forced, human trafficking, illegal in different combinations are being exploited as headlines in today’s media. Even in coverage of negative news one thing still counts: Sex sells!

It is of great annoyance to me that sex workers are continuously portrayed  as a group of helpless souls too damaged to have a mind of […]

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Emotion – “Send in the clowns”

When it comes to prostitutes, people tend to have several ideas about them. Some will express sounds of disapproval of sex work all together. But still there are some who respect sex workers and admire them for their emotional capabilities because they acknowledge the fact that it is not that easy a job as it […]

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Coming out of the closet as a sex worker

This afternoon I was reading an article on coming out as a sex worker and all the consequences that derive from that decision. In many countries prostitution has not yet been legalized. Apart from all the stigma sex workers are at risk of being arrested on the job. Girls who have been confronted with violence […]

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Virtuality of prostitution politics

Sex work is deviant


In the old days travelers were explorers. Returning from their voyages they were highly admired when sharing their stories about discoveries and experiences in worlds far away, unreachable for most. Still today, many people stay safely in the environment of their home-town. Never expanding their horizon or changing point-of-views to see […]

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Marketing approach to Sex work

onder de gordel - marketingmixA paydate is like a time machine. Or better yet, a zone constructed to escape a definition of time and place.

Quantum prostitution

Our policy makers have been attaching irrelevant data to the sex work industry for a while […]

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Time Out

Living two lifes in one lifetime is an enormous challenge and an assault to your health and energy reserve. My daytime existence is hard emotionally and having to start the day with the wounds of the night still visible and energylevels just around the point of alert, the racing hours are conflicting my crawling spirit.

Nighttime […]

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There are times where things just commence. Relative control. Escaping eases or destroys challenges creating a smaller virtual safety. Again life has brought me to cross my relativity and stumble upon opportunities. Chances where differences between failure and succes are deep. Emotions, feelings, sensitivity and more lethal variables are resident at this moment. Questions which […]

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